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Can ex-LBS flat owners who have returned their flat to HDB apply for SHB subsequently?
Can you apply for the SHB if you are already on CPF LIFE or the CPF Retirement Sum Scheme (and have started drawing a monthly payout)?
Can you take a loan for your next HDB flat to keep more net sale proceeds, and qualify for the SHB?
Do I need to apply for the SHB?
How can you find out more on the top-up requirement and monthly payouts under SHB?
Why is the entry age for the SHB set at age 55?
Why is the SHB and Enhanced LBS bonus given only once to each eligible Singapore Citizen?
Why is the SHB not available to elderly households who right-size to a 4-room flat?
Why is the SHB not available to elderly households who sell their existing property without buying another flat (e.g. move in with their children), but wish to top up their CPF Retirement Account (RA)?
Why is there a cap of $13,000 on the Annual Value if the existing property is a private property?
Why must all monies in the flat owner’s CPF Retirement Account (RA) be committed to a CPF LIFE plan?
Why must the purchase price of the next flat not exceed the selling price of the existing property?
You do not have sufficient net sale proceeds to meet the full top-up requirement. Can you top-up the difference from your personal savings and qualify for the SHB?
You have zero net sale proceeds. Can you qualify for the SHB?